SOLD: UB Professor Flatback Double Bass c2005


A large 3/4 bass based off of the early modelings of the Upton Bass models when we first thought about building our own basses in the USA!


Made in Eastern Europe in 2004 and imported and sold through Upton Bass in 2005 (Opus 16).

Very easy to play, with a full rich tone. Excellent wood selection on the top, back and sides. Great for Jazz or Orchestra. Other features include ornate ebony tuners, rib protectors and a fresh setup.

Upper Bout: 20 1/2″
C Bout: 15 5/8″
Lower Bout: 27 1/8″
String Length: 42″
Rib Taper: 8 1/8″ to 6 1/2″
Neck: D


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