SOLD: “A. Schroetter” Double Bass Bow – French Style


Brazil wood stick and fully lined ebony frog, freshly re-haired and polished.


The “A. Schroetter” stamp has been attributed to several differnt
workshops and scenarios. Some believe the appellation can be traced
back to Anton Schroetter, a Mittenwald maker, while others say that the
name is utilized by a private label of luthiers and distributors.
Regardless of the origin, Schroetter bows are known for their
dependabitliy and affordability while boasting nicely adorned frogs and
buttons, features unique at their price point. Recently cleaned and
re-haired (black hair) at our Boston workshop, this double bass bow is
ideal for the student to intermediate level bassist in search of both
playability and stability with the flair of a fully lined bow.


Stick: Octagonal, medium-light
brown Brazilwood
Frog & Button: French
style, fully lined nickel-mounted ebony frog with Parisiene eye and
abalone slide.
Wrap: Black leather, faux balene
Measurements: Hair- 22.5″,
Overall Length- 28.5″, Balance Point: 8.5″, Weight- 137.7 gms.


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