SOLD: UB Standard Hybrid 5 String Double Bass


SOLD August 2011
A large, warm 5-string Upton double bass with C extension


This ergonomic 5-string flatback double bass was
built in 2009 with a carved Upton C-extension matched to the deep brown finish.
It was intended primarily for orchestral use with deep ribs, but would work well
in jazz applications with its round, punchy low end.  Built entirely in our
Stonington workshop, this instrument features a hand-carved spruce top, laminate
back and ribs with slab-cut face veneers, and inlaid purfling.

This bass is currently configured with a high C
string, which combined with the low C-extension gives it exceptional range and
ease of playability.  There are many possible configurations – with the
included spare nut, it can also be strung to a low B, with or without the fully
removable extension.  A similar model would cost over $6,500 if it were to
be built today – this young and played-in version can be yours at a great price
with no waiting and many extras.



Upper Bout:

C Bout: 14

Lower Bout:
27 1/2″

Length: 41 1/2″

Neck: D

Rib Taper:
8 – 8 3/4″






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