SOLD: W. SEIFERT Double Bass Bow – French Style


Fine German made bow from the workshop of Lothar Seifert.


This fine bow hails from the workshop of “Bogenbaumeister” Lothar
Seifert, a master bow maker who has been handcrafting bows in the small
village of Bubenreuth, Germany since 1950. Since several luthiers work
on each bow produced from the Seifert workshop, they are stamped “W.
Seifert”. Recently cleaned and re-haired with black hair at our Boston
workshop, this bow is well balanced, allowing for quick and focused
playability and
with a clear, dark tone.

***Note: This is Gary’s personal bass bow and is not for sale***


Stick: Octagonal in shape,
chocolate brown Brazil wood
Frog & Button: French
style, handmade (in shop) of top grade ebony, nickel mounted and fully
lined and complete with abalone slide and Parisiene eye. Three-part
Wrap: Black leather over nickel
silver wire (copper in color)
Measurements: Hair- 22.5″,
Overall Length- 28.5″, Balance Point: 8.5″, Weight-
126.7 gms.


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