K1 Wilson Pickup for Double Bass



The Wilson K1 Pickup for the double bass is the professional choice providing the very best amplified acoustic sound one can possibly achieve.

These pickups are made to order and shipped to us from Denmark.  Please expect a 7-10 day lead time after placing your order.


The Wilson K1 Pickup: The elegant and small K1 Wilson Pickup consists of one single piezo element connected to a Switchcraft 121 extension jack is providing you almost the same assets as the original and well known K4. The sound is focused and gives the punch that the bass has as well as the body and warmth. Individual volume control of each string is not possible with the K1. The K1 Wilson Pickup is easily mounted directly into the bridge and the optional hole position provides the natural acoustic bass sound from a Wilson Pickup without feeding back. Special mounting tools and mounting bracket are included with each set of K1 pickups.  These pickups are made in Denmark and come with a 5 year warranty.

In 1983 Danish engineer Jørgen Wilson started the first attempts to develop a new pickup system for sound amplification of the double bass based on piezo transducers, which, placed on a string instrument, makes it possible to adjust volume on every single string manually. Wilson could with his trained ears as an amateur jazz bassist adjust the development proces of the Pickup system to its maximum capacities. The developed Wilson Pickup System turned out to be groundbreaking in the field of double bass amplification and has ever since resulted in a growing demand from bass players worldwide. Today the Wilson Pickup System is used by leading bassists all over the world.

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