SOLD: German Style Brazilwood Double Bass Bow


Unstamped German style double bass bow, new tip, freshly rehaired, cleaned & polished.


This German style double bass bow recently arrived in our Boston shop.
It has undergone a full restoration, including a recambering, tip
replacemnt, frog repair, clean and polish and rehair. A heavier bow
that favors the tip, this bow was haired with white hair to balance out
its powerful attack.


Stick: Round, dark brown
Frog & Button: Ebony,
unadorned, nickel mounted with abalone slide. One piece ebony button
Wrap: Unwrapped.
Measurements: Hair- 22″,
Length of Stick: 27.5″, Overall Length- 29.5″, Balance Point: 8.5″,
Weight- 153.6 gms,

Purchase trials available on bows
$1,500 and over for a seven day period. Exceptions can be made
depending on location, etc.-
please inquire– 860-535-9399. Bows returned from
purchase trial subject to a 10% processing fee.


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