SOLD: UB Hybrid Flatback Double Bass c2009


Booming Jazz Cannon as Played by Harvie S!


Pictured is a very special Hybrid Flatback, 2009, Opus 231, an instrument expressly built for the 2009 ISB show.  As Eric recalls, “This bass was one of our first propeller-braced flat backs. We had worked with Jim Ham on the first Gary Karr models, and this was definitely an attempt to put our best foot forward – our first public showing of Upton Basses.  It appears to be a Standard on the outside, but it’s really a Deluxe on the inside.”

Harvie S, jazz frontman and educator from New York tried and bought this bass on the spot at the ISB show. “This just feels the way I want a bass to feel like. The string length, the action, the sound is really good…I’ve used it on everything for the past couple years and it sounds great.”  Harvie brought it in
this fall and ended up leaving with a Concert Deluxe!

So Harvie’s Hybrid is now available – broken in by a master, gigged and recorded regularly. Some nicks and scratches, this instrument has been sorted and given a clean bill of health in our workshop. Huge, warm sound with loads of projection and response. Includes a Mooradian bass bag.



Upper Bout: 20″

C Bout: 14 1/2″

Lower Bout: 26 1/2″

Length of Back: 44″

Rib Depth: 6 7/8″ – 7 5/8″

String Length: 41 3/4″

Neck: D


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